Prelude Clojure


This module builds on top of the shared Lisp Base module.

Clojure Mode

This module bundles clojure-mode, a major mode for programming in Clojure, and some sensible defaults for it.


This module also bundles CIDER, a popular interactive programming environment for Clojure.

Intentionally, Prelude doesn't install by default popular CIDER plugins like clj-refactor, sayid, etc, as those can be overwhelming to newcomers and are easy to setup if you need them.

CIDER Alternatives

Depending on your preferences you might want to use inf-clojure or clojure-lsp alongside/instead of CIDER, but you'll have to set them up yourselves.

Fun trivia

I'm the author of CIDER and inf-clojure and the primary maintainer of clojure-mode. I'm also a co-maintainer of clj-refactor. I guess I love Clojure! :-)