Prelude Emacs Lisp


This module builds on top of the shared Lisp Base module.


The module establishes some sensible defaults for elisp-mode and shortens its modeline name to "EL".

It establishes a few extra keybidings (inspired by SLIME):

  • C-c C-z (prelude-visit-ielm)
  • C-c C-c (eval-defun)
  • C-c C-b (eval-buffer)

The module also enables auto-recompilation of Elisp files on save.


IELM is an Elisp REPL bundled with Emacs. Prelude tweaks a bit it's default configuration to align it with the elisp-mode configuration.


The module bundles elisp-slime-nav, which allows you to jump to definitions with C-. (use C-, to jump back) and describe a symbol with C-c C-d (C-)d.

Minibuffer evaluation

smartparens-mode is conditionally enabled for eval-expression (M-:) command.