Prelude Python


This module builds on top of the shared Programming module.

Python Mode

Emacs comes with Python programming support through the built-in python-mode. Whenever you are editing Python code run C-h m to look at the Python mode key bindings. Alternatively look at the menu bar entries under Python. To toggle the menu bar press F12.

Anaconda Mode

Prelude bundles the powerful anaconda-mode, which provides code navigation, documentation lookup and completion for Python.

Anaconda has integration with popular modes like company and eldoc.

Syntax checking

Prelude ships with Flycheck, an on the fly syntax checker. Flycheck has support for two Python syntax checkers, Pylint and Flake8. In order to have Flycheck support on the fly syntax checking for Python you need to have either of these installed and accessible to Emacs. In order to manually choose a checker run C-c ! s.

Automatic insertion of file encoding comments

You can have Prelude auto-detect the encoding of a source buffer and insert the appropriate # coding: comments. If you wish to enable this, add the following to your configuration:

(setq prelude-python-mode-set-encoding-automatically t)


Previously prelude-python had this feature enabled by default (up to Prelude 1.1), but it is only necessary on Python 2, because Python 3 uses utf-8 as the default file encoding. In 2020 Python 2 became deprecated, so that functionality became mostly obsolete.