Prelude ERC

ERC is a popular IRC client bundled with Emacs. ERC is both powerful and complex, that's why Prelude bundles some configuration for it, together with a few handy commands like start-irc and stop-irc.

Customizing Server list

If you want to join a list of servers on M-x start-irc, other than the default list, please redefine the variable my-fav-irc as follows in your personal config:

(setq my-fav-irc '(""

Customizing Last Quit Message

If you want to customize your IRC Last Quit Message from Asta la vista to something more funkier, please redefine bye-irc-message as follows:

(setq bye-erc-message "adios")

Reading NickServ passwords from auth-source plugin

If you want to automatically authenticate while logging into IRC servers set the erc-prompt-for-password to nil as follows:

(setq erc-prompt-for-password nil)

Now you can set password in plaintext in .authinfo file in the netRC format or you it encrypted in .authinfo.gpg file after setting up gpg in Emacs.

Opening all ERC buffers in a new perspective

Many a time when we start IRC with the start-irc command, all the channels open in our existing workspace, which can be annoying to some; especially to those who like to organize their buffers into separate groups (perspectives). To avoid this scenario, it is better to group all the ERC buffers into one perspective called IRC when start-irc is called. To enable this set the prelude-new-irc-persp variable to true as follows:

(setq prelude-new-irc-persp t)