Prelude Scheme


This module builds on top of the shared Lisp Base module.


Not much to say here, as scheme-mode is configured to use Prelude's default Lisp settings.


This module bundles Geiser, a popular interactive programming environment for Scheme. People familiar with Common Lisp's SLIME will feel right at home with Geiser.

Note that Geiser supports many Scheme implementations:

  • Guile 2.2 or better
  • Chicken 4.8.0 or better
  • MIT/GNU Scheme 9.1 or better
  • Chibi Scheme 0.7 or better
  • Chez Scheme 9.4 or better
  • Gambit 4.9 or better
  • Racket 6.0 or better

You can fire Geiser with M-x geiser.