Prelude Common Lisp


This module builds on top of the shared Lisp Base module.


Not much to say here, as lisp-mode is configured in the "Lisp Base" module.


This module bundles SLIME, a popular interactive programming environment for SLIME, and enables many of its essential features.

SLIME supports many Common Lisp implementations:

  • CMU Common Lisp (CMUCL)
  • Steel Bank Common Lisp (SBCL)
  • Clozure CL (a.k.a. OpenMCL)
  • LispWorks
  • Allegro CL
  • Scieneer CL
  • ECL
  • Corman CL
  • ABCL

The default config assumes the usage of Clozure CL on macOS and of SBCL everywhere else. That's something you can easily tweak via slime-default-lisp.

You can start SLIME with M-x slime.