Prelude Rust


This module builds on top of the shared Programming module.

Package Prerequisites

For the proper functioning of this module, you'll need to install the following packages in your system:

  • rustc (Rust compiler)
  • cargo (Rust package manager)
  • rustfmt (Rust tool for formatting code)
  • rust-analyzer (Rust Language Server, required for prelude-lsp feature)

Rust Mode

Emacs comes with Rust programming support through the built-in rust-mode. Whenever you are editing Rust code run C-h m to look at the Rust mode key bindings.

Syntax highlighting

tree-sitter-mode is used for nicer syntax highlighting.

Syntax checking

Prelude ships with Flycheck, an on the fly syntax checker. Flycheck has support for Rust. Rust is automatically setup in flycheck, by executing flycheck-rust-setup. If the current file is part of a Cargo project, flycheck is configured according to the Cargo project layout.

Cargo integration

Along with rust-mode, cargo-minor-mode is also configured. You can give cargo commands from inside the buffer to run cargo commands, like C-c C-c C-b for cargo-process-build, C-c C-c C-t for cargo-process-test and C-c C-c C-r for cargo-process-run